DACHSER UK has four locations. Our Northampton site is bigger than 10 football pitches. It is home to our UK Regional Office and the Northampton Logistics Centre, which is where most of our teams are based. We have a brand new bespoke office and warehouse in Rochdale, which is our gateway to the North with beautiful views of the Pennine Hills.

Dartford is our hub of the South, with a newly acquired office and warehouse right next to the Dartford Crossing. 

Our small but mighty Bristol branch collaborates with our Dartford facility to seamlessly ensure optimal coverage of the Southern Region.  


Logistics is more than just moving goods. Our Road and Air & Sea business units deliver shipments around the globe and complete a wide range of tasks for our customers that include everything from transport and warehousing solutions to personalised services that optimise the value chain for our customers.  



We’re a family-owned global logistics provider delivering over 83 million shipments a year, including everything from fashion, DIY, chemicals to medical equipment. Internationally, we are among the top 15 logistics providers in terms of sales revenue. We combine and integrate the world's most intelligent logistics network capabilities that keep the global economy running – today and tomorrow.