Even the most insignificant obstacles can cause severe delays, therefore we need an individual that can remain calm under pressure. If you are organised and meticulous, join our professional customs team.

Your world connected

Dachser provides a seamless, end-to-end delivery service, therefore you will ensure the smooth and, above all, regulatory-compliant international transport of goods. Our customers will rely on you to navigate them through the maze of local and worldwide customs regulations

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Logistics is more than just moving goods. Our Road and Air & Sea business units deliver shipments around the globe and complete a wide range of tasks for our customers that include everything from transport and warehousing solutions to personalised services that optimise the value chain for our customers.  



We’re a family-owned global logistics provider delivering over 83 million shipments a year, including everything from fashion, DIY, chemicals to medical equipment. Internationally, we are among the top 15 logistics providers in terms of sales revenue. We combine and integrate the world's most intelligent logistics network capabilities that keep the global economy running – today and tomorrow.